Digging up the past. During the process of song selection, I sifted through the back catalogue to see if there were any songs that might fit this new record. It turns out that a few were chosen after the demoing stage. One that even goes back 13 years.

If you could, would you go back? 

What do I have in common with the 22 year old that wrote this? 

Revisiting these songs isn’t as strange as you might think. It helps when they're still included in the set list. They are still close. In many ways these words mean more to me now than at the time they were written. You live with them so long, they become a part of you. Old songs become like old friends. The time has come to finally do them justice. I’m ready.

Other tracks that were chosen are so brand new, revisions were made as recording was taking place. This will be an all encompassing release. Emphasizing: 

Where I’ve been / Where I am / Where I hope to be.

One more week of tracking vocals in Salt lake and on to keys and electric guitar.

John Allred

With influences like Bob Dylan and Jimmy Eat World, John Allred has been making music under the moniker "Allred" since the Summer of 2004. Originally from Connecticut, John found a new audience in Utah. A prolific songwriter with 7 full length records under his belt. Over 100,000 records sold independently worldwide and 500,000 song streams. He has toured extensively throughout the US and internationally as far as China. Opening for such notable acts as: Alex Goot, Augustana, Ben Folds, Blink 182, Collective Soul, Dashboard Confessional, Imagine Dragons, Jason Reeves, Matt Nathanson, Neon Trees, Parachute, The Rocket Summer, Relient K, Secondhand Serenade, Taking Back Sunday, Third Eye Blind, and Yellowcard.