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With influences ranging from Tom Petty to Jimmy Eat World, John Allred has been making music under the moniker "Allred" since 2004. Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, John found a new audience in Provo, Utah. A prolific songwriter with 7 full length records under his belt. Over 100,000 records sold independently worldwide and surpassing 500,000 song streams. Touring extensively throughout the US and internationally as far as China.

Opening for such notable acts as:

Augustana, Ben Folds, Blink 182, Collective Soul, Dashboard Confessional, Imagine Dragons, Jason Reeves, Matt Nathanson, Neon Trees, Parachute, The Rocket Summer, Relient K, Secondhand Serenade, Taking Back Sunday, Third Eye Blind, and Yellowcard.

"None of this would have been possible without an incredibly supportive fan base. People truly make a difference when they share the videos, come to shows, listen on Spotify and download from an artist on iTunes."



Forest Eyes

by John Allred

Recorded & Produced by Joshua James at Willamette Mountain Farm & Studio

All songs written by John Allred


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News & Updates





While booking studio time, co-writes, weddings and tours, the variable of sickness rarely crosses a musicians mind. It’s actually quite a gamble if you think about it. 

Maybe it’s just my luck, but I’m one of those individuals that rarely gets sick…


:: This weeks log went as follows:

Monday - Working on a song with Kenzie Nimmo, Ryan Innes and Brenden Bytheway in the studio. Feeling great.

Tuesday Studio Day 2 - 7PM - feeling an old familiar itch start in my throat (Take Claritin C and drink lots of water)

Wednesday - Driving down to California for Spring Break, the itch is starting to spread (Take Claritin C, Consume Vitamin C and drink copious amounts of water)

Thursday - Disneyland (have as much fun as possible with no regard for diet or health)SUCCESS

Friday - Staying up half the night with hot and cold flashes, high fever, monstrous coughing and sinus infection (Following all previous precautions and sleeping in all day, watching Daredevil on Netflix, while falling in and out of consciousness.

Saturday - Feeing better. driving up to Saint George for load in and sound check. Disastrous Sound Check !!! - (sound like Kermit the frog on tranquilizers.)

end of log ::

I knew I was in for a rough night.

4 songs in, I proclaimed “I would rather stand up here and apologize, than cancel a show you payed your hard earned money for.” I stood by that and I tried my best. 

On the positive side, sometimes illness creates happy accidents. I looped a new longer version of “Anymore” I’m really looking forward to expanding on and  I closed with “Asleep” which is a song I rarely play.

I promised to come back down in a couple of months and redeem myself. The people were awesome, understanding and supportive. They deserved better. I’m going to live up to that next time.

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you can’t do something that you can do 95% of the time. But I feel it’s better to follow through and make the best of your situation, than give up. 

Sometimes my voice feels like an involuntary muscle. I use it so much and so frequently and I take it for granted. As I sit here typing in silence, I want nothing more than to get it back. 

Here I am…





3.07.2015 / Live at Velour - Provo, UT


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