This time around I've been approaching recording like a painting.

What if Bob Ross was a musician? 

What elements would he add?

Voice & Acoustic Guitar are the main focus. Adding to them has been the challenging part. Aiming to capture sounds that bring out a songs personal nature and character. Choosing from a specific pallet to enhance that Raw Honesty. It's a hard balance when they can be distractions more than anything else. This time I've tried to make the arrangements feel like ONE instead of separate parts fighting to be heard.

So what do you add to the canvas to compliment those focal points?

Piano was obvious and then...

Electric Guitar w/ Swells & Shimmers

I experimented with atmospherics a little on "Seasons" last year. And through many of my talented guitarist friends, I've discovered some pretty incredible sounds. The Strymon Big Sky and Timeline are the most impressive reverb and delays I've ever heard. I've found that if they are used in a subtle fashion, they can transform a mix.

After two decades of buying and trading in guitars. Playing Takamines, Taylors, Martins, Guilds, Epiphones, and Fenders. I've found that Gibson's inspire me more than any other guitar and they just have the right feel. I've settled on a ES-339 Memphis for my electric needs. Theres Something about 57' Humbucker's running through a 1x12 all tube combo.

Small & Simple.

John Allred

With influences like Bob Dylan and Jimmy Eat World, John Allred has been making music under the moniker "Allred" since the Summer of 2004. Originally from Connecticut, John found a new audience in Utah. A prolific songwriter with 7 full length records under his belt. Over 100,000 records sold independently worldwide and 500,000 song streams. He has toured extensively throughout the US and internationally as far as China. Opening for such notable acts as: Alex Goot, Augustana, Ben Folds, Blink 182, Collective Soul, Dashboard Confessional, Imagine Dragons, Jason Reeves, Matt Nathanson, Neon Trees, Parachute, The Rocket Summer, Relient K, Secondhand Serenade, Taking Back Sunday, Third Eye Blind, and Yellowcard.